The staff clearly love the dogs.

Review for Dog daycare and boarding services

Date: April 28, 2023 Written by: Rajneet Pannu From: White Rock, British Columbia

We had to board our dog for a few days and we are so glad we chose Willchris. We brought him to day care a few times to get him used to the location and staff before the boarding date and he had so much fun at daycare. Due to our 7 didn't have as much time to get him used to it as I would have preferred. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing boarding to plan ahead and take their dogs in a few times before boarding.

The staff clearly love the dogs. They made our nervous boy more comfortable and remember him so well even after just the first meeting. Our guy can be a handful and has lots of anxiety, but it seems to have gone as well as it possibly could. He came home happy, tired and calmer than I thought he would be. We definitely recommend Willchris and will continue to use daycare and boarding if needed.