2023 Community Votes Platinum Award Winner in the Kennels Category

We sincerely thank everyone who voted to make us the best dog kennel in Surrey! An astounding 2,176 businesses and people were nominated.

Woof Woof High Paws from the New Owner

Hi there! My name is Jessie Aneja, a long-time former client of Willchris Kennels, and as of recently, its new owner. I'm a life-long dog lover myself, and I had been leaving my dogs in the caring and trustworthy hands of Gerry (the previous owner) for over a decade. When he decided to retire, I was happy to take over this bustling place my dogs grew to love as their second home away from home.

Knowing that we've got big shoes to fill, I gave my word to Gerry that we would continue to provide his high standard of love and care for our canine friends, which includes the Six Times a Day Playtime practice that has made Willchris Kennels a top-recommended place for so many clients in the area, including myself.

In the coming weeks and months, you will notice fresh coats of paint everywhere and structural renovations taking place throughout the facility. We want to start writing our own new chapter in Willchris Kennels' 34-years-of-success story with our version of flair and modernization added. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your dogs pull towards our gate when you arrive!

On behalf of the new management team, we sincerely thank you for your continued patronage! Together, we can grow to make Willchris Kennels an even brighter and happier place for your dogs! I am so excited!


Over an Acre of Fully-Fenced Outdoor Running Space for Your Dogs

The only dog daycare in the area that has over an acreage of outdoor running space and 5 acres of dog-walking paths.