Who says paws don't deserve some pampering, eh?

We are pleased to announce that dog grooming service packages are now available here at Willchris Kennels! Each package includes bath, blow dry, brush out and nails if needed.


Small Dogs

  • Shitzu, Chihuahua, Schnauzer, Jack Russels, etc.

Medium Dogs

  • Medium doodles, Aussies, Labs, GSP, etc.

Large Dogs

  • Standard poodle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Airdale, Husky, Portuguese Water Dog, etc.

Extra Large Dogs

  • Saint Bernards, Newfies, English Mastiff Malamutes, etc.

If not bundled:

  • Nails Clipping: $15
  • Nails Grinding: $10
  • Ear Cleaning: $10
  • Paw Pad Shaving: $20
  • Anal Glands: $15

Brush out without bath:

  • Small Dogs: $30
  • Medium Dogs: $40
  • Large Dogs: $50
  • Extra Large Dogs: $60

Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday
8:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday & Statutory Holidays
8:30am - 10:00am

Closed: December 25, 26 & January 1

Pick-up window on Sundays & statutory holidays
5:00pm - 5:30pm

All clients are subject to a $25.00 daycare fee on pickup day if dog is not picked up by:

10am on Sunday & statutory holidays
12 noon on Monday - Saturday

Over an Acre of Running Space. Clean. Safe.

Newly-renovated, inside and out!

  1. Heated-floor individual kennel spaces for different dog sizes: 4' x 5', 4' x 8' and 4' x 10'
  2. The only dog daycare in the area that has over an acreage of outdoor running space and 5 acres of dog-walking paths